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Our Team
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Thomas R. Webb, Ph.D

Thomas R. Webb, Ph.D., is Chief Scientific Officer and a principle founder of Wildflower Biopharma, Inc. Webb’s previous experience includes executive leadership roles (VP of R&D for ChemBridge Corporation) where he co-chaired large collaborative drug discovery projects with major pharmaceutical companies (including Pfizer and GSK) as well as acting as Principal Investigator for numerous NIH grant supported investigator-initiated drug discovery projects, while serving as Director, Medicinal Chemistry in the Center for Chemical Biology in SRI Biosciences and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital...

Mads Riegel
Vice President of Operations

Mads Riegel is the Vice President of Operations at Wildflower BioPharma Inc. Mads' experience includes startup entities and an executive leadership in his family business in Norway. As the BD Director at Venomyx, Mads established scientific and strategic business partnerships with several entities and led efforts to generate alternate income and funding for the company. While there, he also compiled one of the most comprehensive sequencing databases for venomous snake proteins. In his earlier days,.......

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